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You need to create amazing content, get it distributed through various online channels, then build relationships on social media so people talk about you and all the while making sure your website is ready to convert more visitors into customers. Sound like a lot of work? It is, but we make it easy by doing everything for you!

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This handy tool will evaluate your page load times, show you what your site looks like on mobile, and if your calls to action are above the fold.

Get Found Online

Upswing Interactive is all about building momentum for your brand online.
We do this through our core service built around the whole inbound marketing philosophy.


Our services are centered around content marketing. Content should ALWAYS be at the heart of your digital strategy simply because it is the gas that feeds all of your SEO, social media, email, paid advertising, etc. It’s how you would attract links from others and build relationships with influencers.


For example, say you spend the time creating a really helpful ebook or presentation for your business. This can then be broken up into sections or chapters. These individual sections or chapters can then be populated as blog posts, and/or email newsletters. By breaking it up in this way, you are now reaching new potential customers as well as staying in touch with existing or past customers.

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“We are now ranked in the top page of Google with the terms ‘bumper stickers’ and ‘stickers.’ Before we were on pages 3. I have used other SEO companies before and have been burned. Not this time though.”
Anthony Khoury – Customized Stickers

How We Build Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Once you are a customer, we’ll put you right into our 3 phase approach to increasing your website’s traffic.

Phase 1: Plan


During this phase we will get to work analyzing where you stand currently and what your competition is doing. We will audit your website, social media, your content, and more. We’ll identify the keywords you want to rank well for and look at how your website can be updated to better target those keywords. Then put together the roadmap that will serve as our plan going forward for your campaign.

It’s important to understand how Google works. Most likely there are thousands of other websites wanting to rank well for the same keywords you do. Google is only going to give great rankings to websites it feels are extremely relevant to the search. This is based on words within the content, freshness of the content, how many links point to it, how many people talk about it on social, etc.


Phase 2: Produce

The goal in the “Produce” phase is to make sure you have content worth ranking well because it will be something people want to read, link to, and share.

In this phase, we’ll create your content. Content can include:

Blogs – We’ll go in-depth with over 1,000 words as that is what search engines love.

Ebooks – We use this as an email capture on a landing page we’ll create for you.

Presentations – These are used online to capture attention and establish you as a leader in your industry, but your sales team can also use them when needed.

Infographics – These have become a very popular way of displaying information in an easy to understand format.

There are several more ways we create a robust content marketing strategy for you, but you’ll need to request a quote so we can take a look at what you need.


Phase 3: Promote

This is where the magic happens. It’s one thing to plan and produce what you need. However, you need to know how to get your brand and your content in front of your target audience. This is our specialty. We know where to put your content in order to get it exposed.

With our continuous promotion of your brand and your content, you’ll begin seeing more website visitors through all four traffic channels (organic, paid, direct, and referrals). We will document this in your monthly Analytics reports.

Your organic traffic referrals will increase because your keyword rankings improve. You’ll also see an increase in referral traffic from other sites as we work on building relationships with influencers and getting your content placed on key third party sites. You’ll also experience an increase in paid traffic because we will place your content on paid advertising platforms. Lastly, you’ll see an increase in your direct traffic because of the brand awareness we are creating for your business online.

Let’s create momentum for your brand online with our team of experts. Click the button below to start the process!

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“Helped us immensely with learning and incorporating SEO and social networking. I would recommend this company highly!!!”
Sheri Bercatt – SirSpeedy

Frequently Asked Questions

What we get asked most often

How does your pricing work?
It really does depend on what your budget is. Now we know that sounds like a cop out, but the more budget you have, the more content we will be producing and promoting for you. In turn that means the more website traffic and revenue you will be bringing in. The nice thing is though, we don’t ever lock you into a long term agreement as our agreements are all month to month!
I’ve been penalized by Google, can you still help me?
Yes! We are hearing this more and more. It was fun while it lasted, but the SEO game has changed considerably and many sites are now being punished due to shady SEO tactics. In our planning phase, we will identify any harmful links pointing to your site and get those cleaned up first and foremost. Then make sure your website itself is following best practices.
How long does it take to get results?
You’ll start to see an increase in traffic immediately. It will take time for you to start making progress on specific keyword rankings though. This is because we need to build momentum and build your brand up online. Brands don’t just happen overnight unfortunately.
Do I have to sign a 6 or 12 month contract?
No! We want to make this as easy as possible for you to get started. We are so sure of our abilities and know you’re going to love working with us, that we don’t want this to be hold you back. This month to month agreement is practically unheard of in the digital marketing space.

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