Below is a full list of digital marketing services that an organization is going to need in order to have success online. Google has changed the rules of ranking in search results so that it is now looking for ALL of these signals:

  • Your website quality
  • How much content you have on your site
  • How many other websites are talking about you or have content featured written by you
  • How strong your social media presence is
  • How quickly your website loads
  • How engaged your website visitors are on your site (increased time on site, page views, etc)
  • If your website has proper optimization, schema markup, etc.
  • Your Google Authorship to determine if your company has an authority in the field
  • And much more…

The goal for your company is to build up as many of these signals as possible.

Here is a great website that shows you all of the updates Google has made over the years and what their impacts have been:

How Can One Person Know and Do it All?

The T-Shape images represent the depth of skills that go into each of the main digital marketing elements (SEO, Social, etc) across the top bar of the “T”. By hiring a single “digital marketer” you may get someone with multiple skillsets across the top of the “T”, but you won’t get the depth of knowledge needed to make a true impact.

The following is a breakdown of each digital marketing role with the T-Shape image that represents the depth of knowledge needed.